Automatic biofireplace Dalex Steel GlossFire

Automatic biofireplace Dalex Steel GlossFire

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Dalex Steel automatic biofireplace.

Dalex Steel automatic biofireplace is a novelty in our production, the manufacturing feature is a mirror polished surface. The automatic biofireplace with an intelligent control system, equipped with an electronic controller, advanced safety sensors with automatic shutdown and sound accompaniment. It is possible to control from the 

display button panel, remotely from the remote control or using the Gloss Fire mobile application installed on the phone.

Dalex Steel description:

  • Intelligent control system with automatic shutdown.

  • Fuel vapor combustion technology.

  • Advanced technology to reduce fuel consumption without reducing the height of the flame.

  • 4 levels of flame height adjustment.

  • The function of fixing your favorite flame height at any time of burning.

  • Voice prompts. The fireplace is equipped with a sound module that allows you to sound notifications useful to the user.

  • Has the maximum length of the fire line for a bio-fireplace of this size (the ratio of the length of the burner to the length of the fire).

  • Larger fuel tank for longer fireplace operation without refueling.


  • Intuitive hidden control panel.

  • Easy system for opening hidden compartments of the control panel and filling the fireplace with fuel.

  • The control panel allows you to turn the fireplace on/off, adjust the flame height, lock/unlock the fireplace, open the fueling compartment, display the operation of the fireplace and show errors using LEDs.

  • Remote the control panel allows you to turn on, turn off, lock the fireplace, unlock it, adjust the height of the flame, fix your favorite flame level, turn on or turn off sound notifications, about open filling compartment.


  • 18 control sensors for safe operation of the fireplace when in use indoors.

  • Biofireplace automatically turns off in case of any emergency.

  • CO2 sensor - will notify you when the level of carbon dioxide is exceeded indoors.

  • Fuel overflow sensor - reports fuel overfilling when refueling.

  • Active cooling system - built-in fans turn on automatically , cool the fireplace and ensure safe operation. This device does not require a ventilation grill.

  • Temperature sensor.

  • Indoor humidity sensor.

  • Fuel leakage sensor.

  • Fireplace overheating sensor.

  • Equipped with a seismic sensor, tilt sensor, flameout sensor.

  • Shock resistant.


  • The function of blocking the fireplace from being accidentally turned on, used by children or unwanted persons.

  • Locking the fuel tank cover during operation of the fireplace and during its cooling time.

  • Self-diagnosis - displaying errors on the control panel.

Complete set:

  • Heat-resistant glass 70 mm high, which is resistant to overheating and shattering.

  • Glass mount - has a decorative appearance .

  • The thickness of the steels used is from 2 to 5 mm. The outer surface is reliably painted with fireplace paint.


  • Standardly, the fireplace surface is made of polished stainless steel.

    If desired, it is possible to polish the surface to a mirror state.

    Length: from 300 to 2500 mm;

    Height: 195 mm;

    Width: 280 mm.



     Price EUR, Netto

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    DALEX 700-steel


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    DALEX 1300-steel


    DALEX 1400-steel


    DALEX 1500-steel


    DALEX 1600-steel


    DALEX 1700-steel


    DALEX 1800-steel


    DALEX 1900-steel


    DALEX 2000-steel


    DALEX 2100-steel


    DALEX 2200-steel


    DALEX 2300- steel


    DALEX 2400-steel


    DALEX 2500-steel


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