A statute is a list of items that define the rules for interacting with an online store.

The BioFlame online shop can be found at  B Bizneson Sp.z o.o. ul.Rakowicka 10B, lok. 4 31-511 Kraków. KRS: 0000929591, REGON: 520309746, NIP: 6751757416  SĄD REJONOWY DLA KRAKOWA ŚRÓDMIEŚCIA W KRAKOWIE, XI WYDZIAŁ GOSPODARCZY KRAJOWEGO REJESTRU SĄDOWEGO.


Phone/Viber/WhatsApp +48 780-448-293.

The BioFlame online store draws customers' attention to products that can be purchased through the website of biofireplaces under the order is also possible.

The prices indicated in the online store are informative and do not constitute a trade offer within the framework of Part 66 p. 1 of the Civil Code. They also do not reflect the current level of stocks.

All items in the BioFlame online store are original products. All items are new, without defects.

The prices of biofireplaces and accessories on the BioFlame website are gross prices, respectively, they include 23% VAT. An order can be made through the form on the site, as well as by contacting us by phone or email. The price of goods to be ordered must be specified - calculations are carried out individually. If requested by the client, we can issue a VAT invoice.

The company begins to fulfill the order after receiving an advance payment of at least 50% of the purchase price. The fact of receipt of payment is confirmed by BioFlame employees electronically. The Receipt of payment shall be regarded as the conclusion of a contract of sale between the Buyer and BioFlame.

To place an order, the Customer must provide personal data (actual telephone number and E-mail).

Items that are in stock at the time of order can be shipped within seven days after payment. The terms of individual orders depend on the complexity of the work and are discussed individually. If the delivery time is expected to be longer than planned, our employees will contact the Buyer by phone number or Email, inform him about about the delay and confirm the relevance of the order. There are no shipments on weekends and holidays.

The price of delivery of the ordered goods depends on its weight and the size of the parcel and is calculated by the carrier company. If the purchase includes several items, the shipping fee is charged once for the entire order.

The date of receipt of the order by the Buyer is equal to the sum of the time the order was sent from the BioFlame store and the delivery time. After placing an order, delivery is carried out by a courier or carrier company within 1-7 business days from the date of dispatch.

The buyer can pay for the ordered goods in different ways.

BioFlame reserves the right to limit the payment method and may ask the buyer to make a partial or full payment in advance.

The BioFlame online store operates in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. That's why:

each buyer who has made a purchase in our store has 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods to refuse the purchase without giving reasons;

in the event that the subject of the service is a non-standard item made to an individual order, it is not possible to withdraw from the sales contract (in accordance with Art. 38 of the Law on Consumer Rights);

in order to withdraw from the contract, the buyer must submit a written application by email or regular mail within the 14 days specified by law.

Purchase Cancellation Details:

the option to cancel a purchase is valid for 14 days;

the withdrawal deadline expires 14 days after receipt of the item by the customer or by a third party designated by the customer as the recipient;

in order to withdraw from the contract, the Buyer must inform BioFlame of his decision by writing an e-mail to or an ordinary letter to Bizneson Sp.z o.o. ul. Rakowicka 10B, lok. 4 31-511 Krakow.

A sample refusal form can be found in Appendix No. 2 to the Law on Consumer Rights.

In case of withdrawal from the purchase agreement, BioFlame shall return to the buyer all payments received from him. The return occurs within 14 days from receipt of information from the Client about the client's desire to terminate the contract. The refund amount does not include shipping costs.

Refunds are processed using the same payment method that the Customer used when making the purchase.

BioFlame reserves the right to withhold refunds until the item is received (confirmed item return).

If the Customer has received the goods, he should immediately send it back or return it to the store at the legal address of Bizneson Sp.z o.o. ul. Rakowicka 10B, lok. 4 31-511 Krakow. A refund is possible if the client sends the goods within the 14 days specified by law. In this case, the costs of delivery are borne by the client.

A complaint can only be filed in writing to Email or legal address. The Complaint must contain the following information:

in the title it is necessary to write the word Complaint, as well as indicate the data on the purchase (order number, you should also attach a scan of the document on the purchase made);

buyer's contact details;

the name of the purchased commodity item and its code;

description of the problem;

photographs displaying flaws (preferred).

After considering the complaint, the company will inform the buyer about the result of the consideration and methods for solving the problem using the specified contact details (by E-mail or phone number) within the period specified by law.

When placing an order, the Buyer confirms permission to process and use personal data necessary to complete the order. All information remains confidential and is not processed or used for other purposes.

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