Automatic bio-fireplaces in the interior of the living room

Automatic bio-fireplaces in the interior of the living room
10 March, 2023

Automatic bio-fireplaces in the interior of the living room

When there is a source of live fire in the living room, it literally transforms before our eyes, becoming cozy and incredibly stylish. Of course, now almost no one installs real fireplaces in houses. Still, an open fire is not completely safe, and for burning wood, care must be taken to create an appropriate ventilation network and build a chimney. But the classic fireplace has long been thought of as an excellent alternative - a biofireplace. Such a device can be hung, installed in an interior partition, or even built into furniture. It all depends on your imagination.

Biofireplace: features and specifications

Biofireplace is a technological device that does not need firewood or a chimney to work. It runs on bioethanol, a unique vegetable fuel that burns without emitting smoke into the environment. Biofireplace has a very simple device and is easy to operate: the user only needs to pour fuel into a special tank, where it is evenly distributed over the area, and set fire to it with a lighter with a long flexible body.

Bioethanol burns very beautifully. After 5-10 minutes after ignition, it flares up, acquires a yellow warm hue and begins to dance. Such a flame is often called dancing, it fascinates the eye and gives a lot of pleasant emotions.

An automatic fireplace is one of the varieties of biofireplaces. Its peculiarity lies in the presence of a connection to the mains, as well as a built-in module for remote control. Such a biofireplace can be controlled using a remote control, telephone or smart home system.

The main advantages of an automatic biofireplace

A modern automatic biofireplace is an economical device that consumes a minimum of electricity. Electricity is only required to connect the control system, which allows not only to control the device's on and off but also to set different modes of flame burning. The user can, for example, start a small fire that is barely noticeable or adjust it to large tongues of dancing flames.

Among the advantages of an automatic fireplace:

Insulated tank. The fuel in the tank of such a device is reliably protected from heating, leakage or evaporation. When switched on, the system pumps part of the fuel into the evaporator.

Evaporative system. After switching on, the fuel that has entered the evaporator is heated to a higher temperature and then evaporates. The resulting gas gradually enters the combustion zone. Accordingly, it is not bioethanol itself that burns in an automatic biofireplace, but its vapors. This allows you to reduce consumption, but leaves the possibility of adjusting the height of the fire.

Simple ignition and extinguishing system. The automatic bio-fireplace is ignited by the operation of a glow plug, which heats up and creates a spark to ignite the fuel vapors. To extinguish, the system pumps out liquid bioethanol from the evaporator, as a result of which the gas quickly runs out and the flame goes out.

The presence of control sensors. Modern automatic biofireplaces are very safe devices. They are equipped with several safety sensors, which eliminate accidental activation or ignition with spilled fuel. Such a device can independently inform the user about the need for refueling.

If desired, an automatic bio-fireplace can even be connected to a home automation system. In this case, its management will be even simpler and more convenient.

Automatic biofireplace in a modern interior

Contemplating the dancing flames is a very meditative process. Therefore, automatic bio-fireplaces easily become the central part of the interior. There are different design solutions - manufacturers offer a wide selection of various bio-fireplaces, so everyone can order the perfect option for their design. The following are very popular:

Direct biofireplaces. These are fairly standard models that can be installed absolutely anywhere.  Installing a biofireplace in a wall, in a special niche, is one of the most popular installation options. In this case, the bio-fireplace seems to be part of the wall and looks very beautiful.

Corner biofireplaces. Can be used for room zoning or wall mounting. They look very impressive in living rooms made in the Baroque or Art Nouveau style.

Round and square biofireplaces. Such devices become the central part of the interior exposition. They attract attention and look very status-oriented..

In the BioFlame online store, everyone can buy an automatic biofireplace for their interior. You can order elegant decorative products of different sizes and in different styles from us. All fireplaces on the pages of BioFlame are made of high quality materials and look really fashionable and aristocratic.

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