Built-in biofireplace "Ochag Focus MS-art.008"

Built-in biofireplace "Ochag Focus MS-art.008"

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Built-in biofireplace "Ochag Focus MS-art.008"

The hearth consists of an all-metal "sandwich" body, a stainless decorative frame, a fuel block and decorative glass. A fireplace with a hearth can be installed in the wall of any residential or non-residential premises, where there is a natural or forced ventilation system. At the same time, the dimensions of the product and the power of the installed fuel block must correspond to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and the real possibilities in terms of ensuring the flow of fresh air during the operation of the fireplace.

  • Double-walled thermal insulation box - reduces the heating of building envelopes.
  • Reinforced metal frame - eliminates deformation of the body.
  • The space between the upper and lower walls is filled with heat-resistant material.
  • The surface is covered with heat-resistant paint for fireplaces.
  • Decorative The steel frame is made of 2mm thick stainless steel. The surface is processed by grinding or polishing
  • The product is equipped with protective and decorative glass, which can be located both inside the case and outside.
  • The glass fasteners are made of solid stainless steel.
  • The advantage is ease of installation, decorative appearance.

* The hearth can be equipped as mechanical and automatic fuel blocks.
* Optionally, black decorative glass can be placed on the rear panel of the body.
* Optionally, it is possible to manufacture a variety of front decorative frames - steel multilayer, steel volumetric.

The cost of the kit depends on the size of the hull, the type of fuel block (one or more ), the front frame (stainless steel flat, stainless bulk steel), as well as the presence or absence of decorative glass. It is possible to manufacture hearths according to individual sizes.

The indicated price includes a double-walled heat-insulating body, a steel front flat frame, glass and fasteners. For the case, it is possible to choose a biofireplace from our range (mechanics or automation).

After you decide to buy a biofireplace and hearth with delivery from the manufacturer, you need to make sure that it fits organically into the wall. To do this, you need to tell the manager the size of the niche or opening in order to adjust the volume of the internal space of the recess in the wall, or adjust the dimensions of the case.

It is possible to make a case of any size according to your request.



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