Designer mechanical  biofireplace Slider glass 700 Gloss Fire

Designer mechanical biofireplace Slider glass 700 Gloss Fire

  • Brand: Gloss Fire
  • Product Code: Slider glass 700
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Description of Slider glass design biofireplace

Biofireplaces of this series stand out against the background of other stylish and modern finishes with the most thoughtful extinguishing system. The convenience of its use lies in the presence of a unique new system of movement and extinguishing, working on the principle of "slider". The yellow cozy flame looks just like a real wood burning fireplace. This model will find its place in any interior.

  • Stylish design distinguishes this model from others. Heat-resistant black glass is used for cladding in the upper part of the fuel block.

  • The reflection of the flame in the upper part of the fuel tank and in the vertical glasses creates the effect of volumetric burning, giving comfort and similarity to the flame of a wood-burning fireplace .

  • This model can be built into a variety of surfaces.

  • Prolonged use does not affect the external and functional characteristics.

  • Thanks to the incredibly convenient extinguishing system, just pull the lever and the flame arrester will close the nozzle and the flame will go out.

  • Because of the glasses with two sides creates the effect of volumetric combustion.

  • Made of high-temperature resistant steel and glass.

  • Combustion of bioethanol vapors - the principle by which the fireplace works.

  • The special design of the unit allows you to minimize the smell during extinguishing the flame.

  • The sealed double-walled design is equipped thermal insulator.

  • The internal device allows you to evenly distribute the fuel along the fuel block. Fuel leakage, boiling, pops and flashes in the fireplace are excluded.

  • A convenient filler hole facilitates quick refueling.

  • Extinguishing is guaranteed to occur at any time.

  • The surface is painted with high temperature-resistant black fireplace paint.

  • Heat-resistant glass is not subject to overheating and shattering.

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