Floor biofireplace Render-m3 GlossFire

Floor biofireplace Render-m3 GlossFire

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Designer floor biofireplace in the Render-m3 apartment.

The floor biofireplace is made in the shape of a pedestal, high-quality steel is used to create a metal structure, the side walls are polished and have a decorative appointment. Each corner of the case is painted with heat-resistant paint. Can be used as a stand-alone model or side cabinet.

  • Composed of a decorative body and transparent glass that acts as a protection.

  • Thanks to the reinforced metal frame, deformation of the case is excluded.

  • The surface of the outer part of the case for decorative purposes can be polished using the latest equipment.

  • The front surface, as well as the side elements, are painted with black heat-resistant paint. Staining takes place according to a special technology, creating conditions for an even dense coating, long-term operation and resistance to external factors.

  • Decorative glass, located on vertical mounts and performing a protective function, is included in the kit .

  • Front and rear windows 100 mm high.

  • Glass holders are made of solid, corrosion-resistant steel.

Depending on the body length (600-2300 mm) and what type of fuel block will be used (automatic or mechanical), the price of the kit is calculated.

* The fireplace can be made according to an individual project.

* The body can be equipped with both mechanical and and automatic fuel blocks.

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