Hearth Focus MS-art.014

Hearth Focus MS-art.014

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Built-in biofireplace Ochag MS-art.014

Description of built -in biofireplace Hearth Focus MS-art.014

The cost of the kit depends on the length of the body (from 1000 to 2400 mm), the type of fuel block (automatic or mechanical), as well as the presence or absence of decorative glass. It is possible to manufacture hearths according to individual sizes.

·         This model consists of a double-walled thermally insulating body, a three-dimensional painted frame and decorative glass.

·         The design provides for a metal frame to prevent deformation of the case, which is made of high-quality metal with a thickness of 2-3 mm.

·         A double-walled thermal insulation box reduces heat transfer to the building envelope.

·         The side walls are insulated with non-combustible heat-resistant material.

·         The surface is covered with heat-resistant paint for fireplaces.

·         The voluminous metal frame can be painted in any color according to the RAL palette.

·         A hole for the fuel block is provided on the bottom panel of the structure.

·         The case "sandwich" - one-piece. Supplied ready for installation. There is no need for additional lining with thermal insulation and other elements. You just need to insert the product into the prepared niche.

·         The set includes super-clear glass with fasteners made of solid stainless steel (applicable when ordering a hearth with a mechanical biofireplace of the Alaid series Style , Marapi , Katmai , Wasat ).

·         It is built into walls, openings, niches, fireplace portals made of stone, drywall , gypsum, foam and aerated concrete, as well as other materials that require protection from direct exposure to fire.

* It is possible to complete the body of the hearth with mechanical bio fireplaces or automatic
* As an option, black glass can be placed inside the fireplace.



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