Mechanical biofireplace Alaid Style 700 GlossFire

Mechanical biofireplace Alaid Style 700 GlossFire

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  • Product Code: AS-700-01
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Fuel block (biofireplace) Alaid Style 700 ТМ Gloss Fire

The advantages of this fireplace model:

· Narrow TB for narrow portals, niches, partitions. It consists of an outer case, an inner compartment, a front panel, a place for refueling and fuel level control, a flame arrester.

· Made of high-quality stainless steel 2-8 mm thick.

· Outer case - painted with heat-resistant paint for fireplaces

Internal compartment - arranged in such a way that prevents fuel from boiling.

Ceramic fiber - has absorbent properties, retains bioethanol, eliminates pops, flashes, prevents leaks biofuels.

· Front panel - made of stainless steel 6 mm thick, eliminates metal deformation, has a high quality finish - the surface is polished on modern equipment.

· Place of refueling and fuel level control - a convenient and safe option that saves fuel refueling time

· Flame arrester - makes it possible to extinguish the biofireplace at any time and close it, leaving the biofuel inside the unit. Due to the fact that the flame arrester lies outside the fuel tank, it does not heat up, which minimizes the smell when extinguishing.

Biofireplace delivery set:

fuel block, an elongated lighter, a funnel, a holder, a napkin soaked in a stainless steel care product, a product passport including a warranty card and operating instructions.

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